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2013-03-26 | Someday everything ends

Yeah, some of you may guess it. We will close the chapter Sinessence and go on with new projects. Sinessence was a brainchild of Sten who passed in February 2011 (we miss you!). It was a mixture of the ideas and influences by Sten, Ryko and Lily but it makes no sense without Sten's input and ideas. So Sinessence will play the last gig at K17 on the 7th November.

So Ryko continues with his love for more Industrial and Noise sounds and has now the project MDS51.

Click here for details of the last live show..

2013-03-12 | one more gig in Könnern

Another gig is just confirmed. We will play at Move Your Body in Könnern OT Poplitz on the 04th May.

Click here for details and to see all live dates.

2013-03-08 | new confirmed gig in Berlin

We are really happy to announce that we will play in Berlin on the 7th November. We'll share the stage with "Solitary Experiments", "Angels & Agony" and "Enter And Fall".

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2013-03-08 | new confirmed gig in Berlin

We are really happy to announce that we will play in Berlin on the 7th November. We'll share the stage with "Solitary Experiments", "Angels & Agony" and "Enter And Fall".

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2013-01-05 | new album "Controlled By Error" now available

Finally you can get it .... the new album "Controlled By Error" is now available via bandcamp. It is divided into two parts. First CD is the Sinessence album Ryko and Sten worked on. The second one contains tracks Sten produced for several projects.

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2012-08-09 | Ryko DJing at "Move Your Body III"

It's no live show but Ryko is djing at the 3rd instalment of "Move Your Body". So come and join him.

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2012-03-09 | We play at "Move Your Body II"

After the "In Memory Of Sten Night"" we are happy to confirm our next gig. We and Final Illusion feat. Schwarzmaul will play at "Move Your Body II" on the 7th April. You find details incl. flyer in the Live section.

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2012-01-18 | 2 new gigs confirmed

One year. Is it really one year gone? So time to remember your band former and friend Sten. Final Illusion and Sinessence are playing in remembrance of Sten at the Exit Club in Schwedt on the 3rd March. Please come around - everybody is welcome.

In April there will be the second instalment of "Move Your Body". This time we will do a live set there so don't miss it!

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2012-01-18 | Dropped song

Happy new year everybody (better late than never).... We just updated the special page (see news from the 27th November) so you can now listen there to a song we dropped. It won't be available on the album ;-)

Click here to view special page.

2011-11-27 | Updates for "Controlled Error"

Just back from studio.... some impressions are now available on a special page for the upcoming album "Controlled Error". It will be updated with infos what's going on.

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2011-11-15 | Recommendation: Move Your Body Part I

We support a party in Saxony-Anhalt called "Move Your Body Part I". Music focus is Dark Wave/Industrial/EBM stuff from 1985 up to 2000. We are looking forward to see you there.

Infos and flyer here.

2011-11-04 | State Of The Heart 3

We already mentioned it in the last posting but now we got the details. The compilation "State Of The Heart 3" that contains tracks created by members of the German VNV Nation fan forum will be out on the 12th January 2012 and is only available through the mail order PopOnaut.

You can already pre-order it here.

2011-09-10 | Compilation + new members

We got two good things to announce....

  • Sinessence is taking part in the 3rd instalment of the great compilation "State Of The Heart". We selected the song "Sadist II" from the upcoming album "Controlled Error".
  • For the future Hans-Jörg Rothe, Marko Knauft, Michael Wolff join Enrico Straube to regroup Sinessence.

2011-08-19 | Preview of a new track

We are still putting together the upcoming album but decided to present you a preview ...

It is the instrumental part of a new song with the working title "Atom". The vocals will be recorded soon. The song will be released on the upcoming album (working title: "Controlled Error") which is due to release in late 2011/early 2012.

multimedia page

2011-07-15 | R.I.P Sten & new album

We still feel very very sad about Sten's sudden passing away. It's hard to continue with daily things but you always have to... do your job, be part of your family etc. But Sten is always in our hearts and won't be forgiven. Rest in peace, friend.

After a break we decided to finish the album we've already worked on. It will be our tribute to Sten. We just do the final touch like mastering, mixing etc. Sten was involved in all tracks, it will be his last output for this world. We don't have any release details at the moment - we will inform you as soon as we know more about it.

2010-12-01 | Live pix online

Promised a while ago we just added some live pictures of our gig at Möbelfabrik. This was the opportunity to re-arrange our multimedia website so check it out!

multimedia page

2010-11-10 | Remixes

Now you can listen to the full remixes we did at our multimedia page. Additionally we present you a new and unreleased remix of the Nude's track "Deeper Shame" - exclusively on myspace. Check it!

multimedia page

2010-11-06 | Lili left

Some sad news... Unfortunately Lili left the band because of some personal and job-related reasons. Good luck, Lili!

2010-11-02 | Live @ Fate Club in November

We are playing at Fate Club on the 19th November... Come around and have fun!

2010-09-30 | co-operation with Solitary Experiments

We just cooperated with Solitary Experiments. The result is a song named "Take Heart! (Revolt)" which will be released on SE's album "Compendium 2" (out 22nd October).

Click to check out the release page..

2010-09-01 | remix excerpts online

We added some excerpts of the remixes we (mostly together w/ Alex Muell) did for several bands like Nitzer Ebb, Leaether Strip etc.

Click here to listen to the excerpts.

2010-08-24 | new live dates

Hi everybody, we just added some live gigs. The next one is on the 27th August. It is not a Sinessence gig, but Sten is performing some guest vocals for CX2.

Check out all details about the gigs here.
Some infos and sounds from CX2 are here.

2010-06-06 | new release date for Leaether Strip album

Leaether Strip's label Alfa Matrix just announced that his new album "Mental slavery" (which contains a Sinessence/Suessenborn remix on the limited editon) will be released two week later so the new release date is the 25th June 2010.

Details check out here.
Some buy links can be found here.

2010-05-17 | reviews and raffle on

There is a review about our album "Thrillseeker" on German Depeche Mode fansite - they also raffle some copies of the CD. So check it out here.

2010-05-03 | out in June: our remix for Leaether Strip

Leaether Strip will release his new album Mental Slavery on the 11th June - including a new "Suessenborn Sinessence" remix on the 3CD edition.
You find some more infos at our Release page; additionally we publish a small selection of Buy links at Microsite.

2010-04-14 | we need you

Vote for us at Electric Axis.

2010-04-14 | Win tickets for concert in Berlin

Wanna see us live and don't pay? Just try our raffle at

2010-04-07 | out on Friday: Thrillseeker

Just two days left then our debut album will be available in all good stores. You can find some buy links at

2010-03-12 | new live date

We can confirm that we are playing live @ K17 in Berlin on the 23rd April. More details soon.

2010-03-11 | new release date for Thrillseeker

After some rescheduling we can finally announce the release date for our debut album "Thrillseeker". So it will be available in all good record stores from the 9th April. But you can already buy it at PopOnaut (from 5th March) or at Calyx's label store.

2010-03-08 | Album of week @ PopOnaut: "Thrillseeker"

This week our debut "Thrillseeker" is album of the week at the German mailorder PopOnaut. By the way, PopOnaut also sells exclusively the limited CD edition of our single "Between".

2010-01-27 | Buy our remix stuff

We just put together a small website where you find shops that sell our remix stuff... Feel free to visit the page and buy these great records ;-).

2010-01-06 | Remix for electronic legend Nitzer Ebb

We are happy to announce that the remix we did for the electro legend Nitzer Ebb will be available on the Major Records release (in Germany, Switzerland, Austria). More about the release you can find at our release page.

2010-01-02 | T-Shirts available

We did some t-shirts that are now available for ordering. For girls click here, for men click here.

2010-01-02 | New Year

We wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! In 2010 we will finally have the album release of "Thrillseeker". And some exciting surprises will come soon ;-)

2009-12-04 | Live-Video

Playing tomorrow at Tor III in Goslar (Germany) inspired us to add a live video of "Home" to the multimedia section (recorded live @ Collapsed City Festival).

2009-12-01 | Album out on the 11th January

The debut album "Thrillseeker" (CD version) is due to release on the 11th January. The digital version is already on the way ... we will provide some links to major stores soon. Btw. you can still order your copy at Calyx' label shop - including a limited edition CDR of "Between" ... Buy at Calyx' label shop.

2009-11-11 | Album available at Label shop

Our album "Thrillseeker" will be available soon in all good record stores . But you can already order your copy at Calyx' Label shop - including a limited edition CDR of our upcoming, digital-only single "Between" ... Buy at Calyx' Label shop.

2009-11-06 | player online

A new feature is now available. Now you can listen to some songs and excerpts at our multimedia page.

2009-11-06 | New live dates

We just added some more live dates - have a look at our live page for more.

2009-10-23 | Collapsed City Festival

Today the German label Out Of Line releases the new album of Solitary Experimemts called "In The Eye Of The Beholder" ... this album includes a second disc with a remix by SINESSENCE. Check out our release page for more details.

2009-10-21 | Collapsed City Festival

SINESSENCE will perform at Collapsed City Festival in Szczecin, Poland on the 30th October ... For more information click here ...

2009-10-20 | digital single

Coming soon: digital-only single "Between" including remixes by Supreme Court and Dismantled.

2009-10-20 | new website

New website is online !!!

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